Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Monday...

So... I thought today might be my last visit to West campus but come to find out I must return after the transcripts are complete (they know for sure graduated) and when the notary is in the office so I can have it notarized, the final step in my app. So I guess next Monday might be a big day for me... Completing my application and putting it in the mail and possibly getting my last Depo shot... we'll see....
Side note to God: please let my body tolerate getting off depo well and without any discomforts...

I would have liked to have my most current stresser being the big move... but I guess I'll just try to put this last task to the back of my mind until Sunday. Going to try to enjoy my time with my dad and hopefully I'll locate the high school my pinning is at without any problems. Paying my last chunk of change to the lease man tomorrow (the prorate rent) and then going to "attempt" to set up turning on my electric and water (this will painful too as more chunks of change required= sad face).

So... please keep on praying for my family's restart life project (aka moving, nclex, new jobs, new home, new state, etc.)... God is great!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So... 2 weeks ago today (feels like 3 though) I was supposed to have an interview on the phone but the lady never called me. I left a message last week and called again today only to get the voice-mail... so I left another message. I basically short of of begged her to call me to let me know is she is still interested or not. By the strangest things ever to happen to be in concerns to a potential job. So I'm praying to God that she will call and at least put my mind at ease/peace.
As far as my lease situation- signed and paid! The keys are waiting for me. (or my brother). In a week or so I'm going to call for the electric and water, that is going to hurt the bank account....
As far as my TN-BON app... Seeing the dean next Monday and then I just need to order my transcripts which I might just do now. I just paid for my exam $200. Ouch! And then I just gotta get my $100 cashiers check for the TN app.
I have the graduate luncheon Friday, tomorrow is shopping day (grocery & new interview outfit). And Thurs/Friday I need to go to the Vet & get Mr. Max some food and hopefully a prescription.... after all that I should have just the prorate rent to pay and the Uhaul. So by the time my dad gets here in 1 week I'll be close to broke (at least in the bank).
The risk my husband & I are taking is bigger than any risk we have ever done before. I hope and prayer that God will provide for us and bless us with jobs quickly (precisely: rob by June, me shortly after or by the time I get my license).

Monday, April 23, 2012

I completed Nursing school!

Yay me... now I can focus my prayers on other things... Thank you God!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Water for Elephants- not again...

So I just watched Water for Elephants.... Although the story is kind of nice, like the circus thing, it is basically going into the catagory as "Marley & Me". Animals + Death = Lee crying. Of course this probably more due to reminder that my precious Max will not live forever and I'll probably outlive him, unless God has other plans. I don't have kids but I believe that the loce and care you give to one that needs that, to one that can't survive without you, that depends on you is a greater love than almost any other kind. Don't get me wrong I love my husband, my parents, and many others. But the love I have for Max is deeper in that way and I know one day my heart will ache like it has never had before.
So... I'm not going to watch Water For Elephants again.... back to studying....Prayers for me and my family, and my Max

Friday, April 20, 2012

To get list...

Things I will need:
  • Microwave
  • Gas can (for mower)
  • Shower curtain (extra wide one so it can encircle the tub)
  • Router & Modem (WiFi capable)
  • Dish rack drainer
Things I may eventually want:
  • Patio furniture (chairs or something)
  • Cheap Grill (or maybe I'll just go to Ben's)
  • Yard maintance supplies (rake, shovel, etc.)

What I desperately need:
  • Nursing job
  • Rob a job

More updating...

First of all I have to address this: what happened to blog spot? As I type this post everything is different...
Anyways.... here is my update of the 3 most pressing issues in my life...
  1. It looks as though I have finally figured out this TN-BON application and how I'm going to manage it. I called them and they said I do not have to send the transcripts and the app together. Thank you lord! So on the 30th I'm meeting with the dean to hand off my application and before then I'm going to put in my transcript order.
  2. I have a copy of the lease waiting to sign and then pay but I sent the landlord about 10 questions. And since my dad needs to sign I'm still on the fence of how I'll do that, probably best if I wait until he comes and get it in person instead of mailing it and leaving it up to my dad to send.
  3. I called back the lady from mo-town hospital and left a message for her on her work number. I hope she is on vaca or something because it has been over a week and now I'm really starting to feel as though she is avoiding/ignoring me. I suppose I'll pray about it because what else can I do..?....
As for now it looks like we will be moving on May 11th, still have to reserve the uhaul. It's going to cost alot but I have hope and pray daily that God will bless Rob with a job ASAP and that I will have one lined up by the time I take the NCLEX. Send me some prayers!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

and the Stress sets in....

so today or tonight I kind of feel a little more stress. Weight on my shoulders if you will. I believe it is stemming from the extra rent I wasn't planning on paying. It's less than $400 so I try to be like ok that isn't that much but then... I think "$400 to a couple without jobs could be like $4,000 or $40,000".
I still have 1 test and 1 practicum night left for school but I think I'll do alright with that. I'm most concerned with my application for the boards and my future job prospects. I suppose that some people in this stage aren't even concerned with a J-O-B due to the fact that we, nursing students, do not even know when we can work due to the whole boards and when can we take the NCLEX. But in my uniquely tight situation I have to be moved by July.... thus the boat I put myself in. I should be relieved to have a home for my family... but that too is like a slow ticking time bomb. Without jobs my saving will pour down the drain like water. So other than trying my best to get a job and get on with NCLEX I am just praying and putting it in God's hands. Am I scared? Somewhat. But I'm going to faithfully pray and ask for the lord's help.
--- this my venting of stress

Monday, April 16, 2012

Update (dean/lease)

So here is my update

  • Emailed the dean a second time this afternoon and she said 2 sentences: that she is familiar with TN app process and I will need to bring the forms. Did NOT say when we can meet... which was my whole point in emailing her.....

  • The lease dude told me I have to begin rent for April. He will prorate it to $300 something and the lease can start May like I requested. That kind of sucks but hey the most important thing is 1. he is renting to us 2. it's a nice house 3. no pet deposit. Its affordable compared to some other places, and decent looking so I don't want to risk paying more, not getting a place in time, or getting a dump because no one wants to rent with pets.

  • As for M.H. hospital interview- have not heard back.... sadface.....

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My week reflected...

All in all I can't complain. I've been told we are approved for the house we want to rent, I got a B on the exit Hesi, and I was called for my first interview....
But is it odd that I feel somewhat down or disappointed?
I found out Tuesday about the house and have yet to hear back from 2 emails sent since then. My interview never happened. First the lady never called so I called the hospital, then through a 3rd party I was told she still intends to call me. But that was Wed. and no day/time was proposed. And the icing of disappointment- I have to wait another week to get my finger prints- ugh!
So although I'm glad for the Hesi and i guess you could say it is the most important thing to me at this time since graduation could make/break me. My overwhelming joy has sort of "deflated" and now I must shrink back my excitement to normal, everyday levels. It's like shrinking your stomach back after Thanksgiving dinner. So I'm currently waiting for 3 people to contact me, as my future may depend of them (at least 2 out 3). I have another place to apply for but I guess I was hopeful tat this job that called me could be the "one". So while my husband serves VIPs at Earth Day Birthday all day concert festival I will fight boredom and drowsiness all alone. The fact I'm slightly less than happy probably will only feed my drowsy state. I hope this next week which will start soon, will be better... loose ends tied up and complete a few things. BTW thanks for all the prayers and feel free to send a few more. My last exam is April 23rd.

Friday, April 13, 2012


So here is my mini update....

  • Took the exit Hesi yesterday got an 86.27 which is a B- yay! I must say that is pretty good for not hardly studying, it put be at the 77th percentile for the country.

  • So I haven't heard anymore about the lease on the house, we were approved but waiting to find out when we'll sign the lease, etc.

  • Well sadly on Wed my interview call never came. So after a couple phone calls the message relayed to me was She got caught up in something (left for the day) and she still plans on calling me.... Of course it is now Friday and I haven't heard from her yet... I really hope she intends to call and seriously consider me. It's hard not to be slightly discouraged or down about it since I now lie in limbo waiting for no particular time or day for some call. I truly hope that if for some reason she did decide not to consider me that she will have enough respect and integrity to call me and let me know so I won't spend my days wondering if today is the day.... Still praying though...

So what is left? Completeing my application to TN-BON (license), my final test on April 23rd, getting an appointment with the dean so she can complete and ensure my app gets to its destination, figure out the lease situation- sign it, and plan my move/move date.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blessings & Prayers

Allow me update you on my week... if you read my facebook page you already know! But I would love some prayers on theses 3 important things going on in my life...

  1. I have the exit hesi exam, which is like a final that includes everything we have learned plus somethings the teachers didn't have time to teach us (oh my goodness). 165 questions in 5 hours= 50% of my grade for N6- let the lord bless me and help me!!

  2. I have my very first nursing job interview tomorrow, even sweeter it's on a postpartum unit and in morristown so I wouldn't have an hour to commute to most other hospitals. Yay! it's a phone interview and I'm excited!

  3. Rob and I just approved for our Orchard Grove rental house! So now we are just fine tuning the lease agreement and whatnot so soon we will sign and pay. Unfortunanly we will probably pay rent a week or more before the date we will actually move due to graduation and having to get my paperwork done for TN-BON. But just glad to be able to get it!

So that is my prayer list (the short version) of course I pray to pass and graduate, this hesi exam will probably be a good determining factor in that since I got an A on the first test (but it counted for 25%). None the less this week has been amazing, & amazingly stressful! Time to study before my 9am thurs test! I feel like God is telling me I'm finally on the right path....

Monday, April 2, 2012

Prayers requested

Well before a take a moment to do a little bible time I want to update you. Last week I took my first of three nursing 6 exams and got a 94=A (it counts for 25% of my grade). I also went to TN to drop of my cats. I admit I do miss them, differently than I imagine the dogs because the cats are quite little fuzz balls that approach you when you want, sneak out the back door to eat grass while I take the dogs out, and end up taking naps on the bed or the blanket on the floor in the corner. I miss calling Jamesy and him meowing in reply as if to say "yes mommy?". I did see a house while we were there but it was disappointing. So I've contacted a couple property managers and going to pray about that because it truly is a challenge. I also have my NCLEX application on the way to me from TN and I completed an online interview questions & questionnaire for Covenant Health (applied to 2 jobs there). And if you think that wasn't enough I also made a vet appointment for Zoey!
But tomorrow will be a test of sorts, my first practicum night. So I'm sipping my too rich McCaffe Frappe to attempt to stay up at least until 3am and sleep until hopefully 2pm since I gotta leave about 5:30 to start my evening shift. I'll meet my preceptor and hopefully she be very informative my first night. I'll be hearing babies crying, helping moms and dads and asking very personal things from the moms (like when did you last change your pad, can i see it as well as your most intimate area, etc.). 3 weeks from today will be my last nursing school exam. And by the way, the 12th is the biggest exam ever! At least while in nursing school- the 165 question Hesi exit exam covering EVERYTHING plus things the teachers didn't have time to teach.... So God if you are reading my blog post pleaseeeeeeeeeee help me, please oh please! God Bless me, Nursing 6, and everyone else in the world.....
Option 1 (like this realtor best but waiting to hear if it allows pets update= just an email that they do allow pets for addition $25month, now waiting to see if that is per-pet or total)
Option 2 (realtor says i have to apply & pay app fee before I can view it - not thrilled about that)