Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I just had a revelation...

or something?

I was watching Regis & Kelly (as I waited my cocktail of pills to kick in = VitA=D, Vit B12, 1/2 caffiene pill, & the icing on the cake- Excedrin migraine! lol) And I guess they have teachers week or something and they honored this teacher, who by the way looked so young, she teachers like preK or something and has many special needs kids. I was so touched by her that I just felt a wave of stress wash away from me. Because tomorrow I start Peds, just so you know I will not even be taught peds care in class until next month, when my Peds clinical is over so other than general adult knowledge my Peds knowledge is severely limited. This has caused me some apprehension. I might cry if i make a child ccry, who knows- my nieces are are basically teens/pre-teen now so.... it's been a long time since I was around young-ins & none of them were hospitalized. Althought I suspect this (more so OB-L&D-Neonatal) to be my path of choice, I know I'll be taking extra classes and hope to have a good nurse manager or do an internship.

So this show has made me take this attitude= tomorrow I'm going to go to AP & wash away my stress. I'm going to be thte kindest gentlest person I can and patient to my little patient. I'm going to talk to my kid, ask them stupid little questions like what is your avorite animal color, etc. I may take an hour before I get a partial complete assessment but I will show that kid that I care and give it my best not just to satisfy his/her medical needs but maybe crack a smile! I'm just a student afterall and one thing I learned is- we students usually have more time to devote to our patients than the actually nurses on staff. I only ask God to help me contain my emotionals and expressions and my gag reflex (especially the latter!) and to let my C.I. be a sweet lady that will help me when I need advice and attention and direction because afterall I'm not perfect, nor am I full-blooded nurse yet. I'd like to feel comfortable to ask my CI to help me because I don't remember how to do blank exactly.

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