Saturday, July 23, 2011

Update w/Links

(Farm Girl above)

So quick "Life" update...

School- I have just over a week or so, 1 final left that I need a 72 or better in order to pass, aiming for an A but know at the end of day whatever happens is God's will.

Max- injuried himself- his back leg has a ligament torn or something so we are hoping it will heal on it's own over the next few weeks. He has been seeming like himself the last few days with hoping around more & playing with the squeky toy. My little baby isn't a young pup but I love him so dearly- for all the 13 years he's been in my life.

Family- My aunt jan still has cancer but started treatment with radiation- if that fails then there is some kind of experimental thing that might help but still pretty if-y. My dad hasn't called in about a week so I don't have a health update. Hopefully he won't have cancer or any potentially fatal disease!

To say the least I have a lot of things to pray about.... on to the good stuff:

  • Saw this article on top hospitals- Cleveland Clinic number 4- yay! My uncle had spent some time there during his cancer battle, unfortunantly he passed in 2007.

  • I got an email from about 2 deals- 50% off & 200 prints for $2 or 100 prints for $1. Awesomeness! May need a code but not sure.

  • Watching True Blood season 4? I am of course (fav show) check out this preview- looks like things get pretty wild & is sookie facing another near death experience? I suppose it would be TB without one close call each season lol!

  • I stumbled onto this new online shop- Farm Girl (or Boy) clothing & merch. Ok so yeah for several years I did have pink hair (miss you pinkness) but I'm a little bit country too, afterall my dad is a livestock dealing or for short story- a farmer, My RIP GMA's house does have a property name as something gardens, & there is a small 100 acre farm that my dad owns (& rents & shares profits with) in the dear sweet green farm land of OHIO!

  • I'm a sucker for Old Navy & Fall, and since ON has started releasing some fall clothing i'm super stoked. I just need a climate that actually has "Fall" weather lol...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

2 weeks & counting...

So... test 2: 76.25. I can't complain but feel as though I should have (could have?) done better.. a well. I only have a smidge over 2 weeks left until the semester is donzo!
Monday: 12 hr lab day
Wed- Clinical
Thurs: 1 of 2 Finals
Fri: lecture....
Of course any test stirs up the jitters within but the 12 hour (so so long day) lab event, which seems to be a big mystery of what is occurring but you know it's a lot of Sims activity (simulation with group). Of course I'd rather take a written test or do a little one on one activity. People make me nervous, being put on spot makes me nervous, end of semester & in need of certain amount of points to pass - makes me nervous, the freaking final 2 days later that I've barely studied for- makes me nervous! Unfortunately I've had this terrible thing where I don't like to raise my hand or be put on spot for fear of being wrong (ie- failure). I can accept myself but I have a hard time with other people- the judgement thing i guess. Which i suppose stems from some unfortunate childhood experiences with kids being cruel. I know we aren't kids but we live in a nation of opinions- that most people have an opinion on everything. It's a get-through-it day for me (& I'm sure many other students too). So tomorrow I'm stepping away from test content & checking up on the areas they told us to look over (but still no precise directions of the day). Yes- many times I am my own worst enemy. And I'd easily not give a hoot about what they think but.... i am stuck there for 12 hours & more importantly will be spending at least 8 more months with these people. It's times like this I just need some magic pill to take away the excess unnecessary stress I cause myself, know what I mean?

So saying my prayers for school & my Daddy (& everything else- max). On August 2nd (final-final) I'm going to come home take a bubble bath & maybe read my Stackhouse book & just take a huge sigh of relief & most importantly thank the Lord , my Lord for giving me that day and allowing me to be right "here" (or there whatever).

Saturday, July 9, 2011

story about kid with terminal cancer- fine, add a dog - tearing up...

Quick update.... Test 1= B thank you lord!
3 regular weeks left but they highly irregular... next week double clinical & test 2. Week after: 12 hr lab & (1st) final. Last week of month: last clinical so i have to have a peer review article to mention! (or fail course)....then the 2nd final.....
So yesterday was our children's cancer lecture & our teacher showed us a youtube video & that we might need some tissues... i didn't. But later on she told us the story of a 10 year old boy who had terminal cancer and how he wanted his dog in the hospital (she allowed it) and she said it was one of the 2 funerals she ever went to (patient funerals) and they had a little dog bed thing beside the casket & the dog laid there the whole time. I seriously just about lost it. Children dying is sad but that poor dog really made that boy's life better in the end & now he's heartbroken (the dog). Maybe it's just cause i have dogs and no kids but the pet aspect really gets to me. Pets do love back!
So send some prayers if you like, I'm sure gonna need all of God's glorious help! So close to completing another semester successfully!