Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Tidbits

Final: T minus 8 days

Trip: T minus 9 days

Christmas: T minus 20 days

Semester 5: T minus 35 days

  • Want over 3,000 mp3 songs? go here to amazon, many Christmas songs!

  • Check out this charming house plan, isn't it nice & cozy? Maybe I'll be blessed with a place this beautiful & spacious in the future....

  • Right now Walgreens (at least in Central FL) has a dozen eggs for 99cents which is a pretty good deal because all my other local stores have them for over a $1.

  • Want some discounted shoes? Head to and use the code mentioned in Hip2Save's post, it will earn you 40% off. I wasn't going to get my husband the slippers he saw at Kohls (ones you can wear outside) but payless has even cuter ones for $19.99, with discount will be sweet! Want something sweeter? get it shipped to your local store to save almost $6.


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