Friday, December 30, 2011

Third Day video

Old Navy Winter Coat under $20!

I just bought this coat at my local Old Navy For just under $20, can you say awesome?

Now I have a new coat to wear my first winter back in Tn (winter 2012-13). Online it's about $35 but I guess they have some promotion in store- 75% off I think.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Art Cow deal & menu

You know I can't pass up a good deal when I find it! I just ordered 4 customized cosmetic bags from for just under $15 total! (free shipping!) I saved like $43. And like my giving nature, not one is for myself- gifts for others. I could have probably made like 5 more but I do need to study, after all the test is about 2 weeks away..... ugh. Check out this dealio posted by hip2save here....

I also actually planned a whole weeks menu (usually ad-lib a couple meals).
mon- rob's pizza sandwiches
Tues- salad w/ crispy chicken
wed- Turkey burgers & fries
Thurs- pancakes
Fri- ham potato cheese casserole or Rob's sandwiches
Saturday- Mennonite Bean Soup (chicken soup for rob)
Sun- chicken lil sammys

The casserole & the bean soup are from my new cookbook I got for Christmas - Treasured Amish & Mennonite Recipes. The soup sort of reminds me of my oldest Best friend's mom's ham & beans. I didn't really like it much as a kid but I'd probably eat anything except peanut butter to spend more time at my bestie's house! As an adult I'm curious if I'd like it more, now that my food spectrum has expanded, maybe I should ask her for the recipe of this one is less than expected.. hm.....
So tomorrow the hubster & I have errands (return something to walmart & check out clearance, get milk, maybe a public run) and we may go to the movies. Probably the last for awhile since School is less than 2 weeks away..... I still don't think it's fully hit me that I have a huge test (like a final) the first week of class. And I'm far from ready for Pharm. Maybe I should skip my fin-aid & order my books (2) from Amazon since I can't get them from the bookstore for another week....

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Saving for God?

Isn't weird how it seems like we or I tend to be more reflective on my life and the past year, the future? This year my Husband & I achieved what I might call a milestone, we attended a christian event (The Night of Hope with Joel Osteen). Now if you know me maybe that isn't the most surprising but if you know my husband it could be shocking, maybe? I'm pretty sure it's been a decade since I attended church & I don't know if my husband could even answer that question if you asked him... but anyways I'm drifting off of my topic/point!
So today I was able to organize the money gifts we got for the holidays and a deposit I had withdrawn several weeks ago. I was able to add them back to our "savings" (BTW way we are $2,800 from our goal & have til May). I even added my own little personal savings (to save for a big ticket item, used my unspent allowance & Christmas money) & a thought popped into my head... maybe I should make a savings for God...?.... If I did attend Church I'd definitely make a donation.... So I think I'm going to take $10 out of my hiding spot & place it in an envelope marked God.... maybe I'll save until my next churchy event or til next Christmas & donate it to a church or Christian fund to help the less fortunate. I'm not rich but I'm not poor & I guess I feel like I should make an attempt to a tithe.

Tuesday Tidbits

Let's get to it, things that I find interesting!

  • Do you watch American Horror on FX, if so then you'll understand my sentiment "wow", so if you want a peek into season 2 then read this article, looks like we won't be seeing the "house" or the Harmon clan (sadface) but it will be totally different, maybe not even a haunting at all....

  • Want to drop a pound or 2? Mosr americans probably could spare a few... read theses tips

  • I'm a sucker for those articles that rank American towns, check out this one on the Best Downtowns here....

Ok so today was kind of slow for tidbits, Thought there would be some awesome deal for after Christmas shopping, I did find True Blood season 3 in the Target ad & online for $15 but other than that .... lots of stores have sales if you have any money left to blow lol

A few words for the end of the year & 2012, a prayer for everyone

So like most typical Americans I enjoy the holidays and then afterward I feel as though I need a resolution or a change. I guess sometimes I feel I get sucked into my dull routine, perhaps I spend to much time being distracted by TV or doing unproductive things on the Internet. So as I sit on my bed in the central Florida 70-something degree weather on Dec. 27th I make a silent goal for myself, to do less wasting time. 2012 is the year of change in the Watts house, of course most of the changing won't occur until 4-5 months in and continue throughout the year. But with Blessing from the Lord my savior, with his guidance & aid, this year will include me passing my classes successful the first time to lead to my graduation (aka pinning) on May 2, 2012, which should then be followed by taking & passing the boards on my first attempt & then getting my first nursing job somewhere in eastern TN so that I can make nice little home (rental most likely) for my husband & pets (aka kids) to join me and truly start off a new kind of life. Of course there could be a few more changes to occur after that, like replacing the Geo, making the official decision to start a family, start the process of my husband's career goal (aka school), and maybe even buying a house (only if the right opportunity came around, otherwise we can wait).
It seems like a lot but know God's will is what will be and I have faith & confidence in his direction for my life & my family's. So if you choose, send me prayers for my goals- particularly the graduating school & being a nurse one, since those are the earliest tasks at hand & will open more doors than I even know right now. God made me a giver & called me to be a nurse, with those 2 things I think I can really help some people in the world. For all my loved ones and those you read my blog I send you prayers for blessings & that your 2012 will be joyous & that you & yours can have great things in store like I may have.... Turn to the Lord for he loves you, forgives you, & only wants good things for you.....

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

So this is what I got for Christmas! (above items from Rob, Mom, & Santa)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4 Days until Christmas....

So I'm back from Vacation.... woke up with a headache- yay. I had a great time like always, unfortunately my niece came down with flu A & B so we all got to take the expensive medicine Tamiflu (costs about $100 if you don't have insurance), then my brother got in a car accident which destroyed the car but did no harm to himself. I have to say it was one of the most eventful trips (or days) in TN. I truly love my family & miss not being able to see them when I want. I know vacation is never the same as real life since you kind of leave your life at home but I look forward to starting a new life (or should I say re-starting) in east TN. By the Grace of God I'll be doing that in 6 months. So send me prayers for passing my nursing school (tests & classes), save the material gifts, graduating with a nursing degree is a gift that will keep on giving.

Tidbit time!

  • Check out these "of the month" clubs, like fruit of the month, beer of the month, etc.

  • Need a creative idea to wrap a gift? Check out money saving mom's post here

  • Check out this graphic about USA pets from Frugal Dad here

So I have a mountain of laundry & some major cleaning to do....

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Dear God,
Please allow me to pass my exam & Nursing 4 today.
Thank you & amen....

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tic Toc...

Well the time is ticking closer to test time. While half me wants to gorge myself into a deep food coma, the other half wants to throw up as if it would attempt to make myself feel better. If I had boots on I'd literally be shaking in them. Yes I have faith in God but every couple hours I'm scared. I should be suffering from ICP because i'm not sure the last day or so of review has actually done anything. As if my brain has to output info to input anymore. Reguardless of the torture i put myself through.... at the end of the day, in my brightest or darkest hour I know that God is there, he has a plan, whatever happens is his Will & it would end up that way no matter what I do. he only was success for me, good fortune and great things. So i'm going to battle myself tonight half relax and half study, wake up in the AM, get on my knees & pray then cram in a little more. I love God & I know he loves me so there is nothing else really to do but put my trust and my life in his hands....

Sunday, December 11, 2011

in 48 hours....

  • Nursing 4 will be over (by the grace of God I'll walk out of that room with a big smile silently repeating "thank you God thank you God")

  • I'll be getting cozy in bed so I can wake up way before dawn

  • As long as the first point (above) is glorious then I'll be starting a new chapter in Nursing - Prepare for 5/Pharm/6, know it , breath it, eat it.... & I'll be thankful for nothing can bring me down or take away this Christmas gift from God. When I'm a nurse I'll have alot of "paying it forward" to do, I'll do with a grin & gratitude!

So I'd say at lest by mid-day, maybe 48 hours until test start I began the nervous/stressing feeling. Not the ok I'm worried. The physical- I need some Mcd ice cream cne or cheesecake, I want to eat, I don't want eat, I think I should work out but I can't because "it takes away study time", the "I wish I had 3 more days", I can't study anymore, I can't study enough, I shuld stay up late tonight & study but then by 9 I can't focus & I just feel blah. Blah almost sickly, just not great but no pain. Take a few deep breaths, read the bible or pray. This will continue until I leave for the exam. All I want, strive for, & ask God to help me with his to pass this test, pass this class. It's like labor- once it's over with i'm so happy.

Prayer Request....

Ok so don't flip out or anything, no one is dying! However this is still a serious issue to me & my future (ie families future?).... I have my final for nursing 4 this coming Tuesday around noon or 12:30 until 3:30 i think. I normally do pretty well, all my past Hesi exams were in the 80's. Unlike past courses this one requires your average exam grade to be a passing average (there are an optional 20 points that they will only count if you get the passing average, yes it's weird). So I need a 72 to pass this class. Although 76.45 or lower is consider failing (no D's in nursing). I'm going to give it all i have but I wouldn't deny anyone for sending God a few prayers for me. I know I need him with all endeavors, especially ones like this. So if all goes well I will celebrate Tuesday afternoon by getting down on my knees or closing my eyes and bowing my head as soon as I hit the car or maybe even as soon as the grade pops up on the computer my inner voice will shout "praise God thank you lord". It's what I want for Christmas I guess you could say. I just want everyone to be healthy & for me to pass this class = stay on track to graduate next spring.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Tidbits

Final: T minus 8 days

Trip: T minus 9 days

Christmas: T minus 20 days

Semester 5: T minus 35 days

  • Want over 3,000 mp3 songs? go here to amazon, many Christmas songs!

  • Check out this charming house plan, isn't it nice & cozy? Maybe I'll be blessed with a place this beautiful & spacious in the future....

  • Right now Walgreens (at least in Central FL) has a dozen eggs for 99cents which is a pretty good deal because all my other local stores have them for over a $1.

  • Want some discounted shoes? Head to and use the code mentioned in Hip2Save's post, it will earn you 40% off. I wasn't going to get my husband the slippers he saw at Kohls (ones you can wear outside) but payless has even cuter ones for $19.99, with discount will be sweet! Want something sweeter? get it shipped to your local store to save almost $6.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Studying, Christmas, Library Books Oh My...

The above will be me all week or at least it should be me. Got just a wee more than a week to study for the final of Nursing 4 aka Med/Surg 2 aka the 2nd to last semester! Woot! Requesting prayers daily!

Then after my final, I'll be waking up way before dawn on the 14th to make my way north to TN. The picture above is Graceland (not going there but all I could find when searching "Christmas in TN"). But I'm sure my brother's house is lighted up with Christmas joy!

I mentioned this book in a previous post but here is a photo for your viewing pleasure. I got this from the library and hope to start and God willing ( & time management) finish it before it's due. But since I did have a test the first week of the next semester.... it's not The priority. And here some other books that are "in transit" to my house from my lovely delivering library:

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Night of Hope with Joel Osteen

So it was awesome! Rob even enjoyed it, he said it was different. I think he was expecting something else. He even laughed a few times because Joel Osteen jokes a little, i like it. There was a lady, I can't recall her name, nor find it on the Internet but she said she was a director of music, she had a beautiful voice. Then she gave her testimony, about wanted to start a family and have a big one. It took several years before she and her husband had a son. And a few years later they were trying, even looking into fertility treatments. Her young son wanted a sibling, he would pray for one but the Dr. told her it would be impossible. Well months she got a call from a find that works with women in crisis & a young lady was pregnant with twins. The friend asked if she would be interested in adopting them, she said yes but the mother has to choose so they put together an adoption packet and prayed for favor. And favor they got, now she is a mom of 3.
So the next day Rob asked if I would do something like that. This is probably going to sound odd but I think Rob and I almost anticipate getting pregnant to be a challenge. We are starting later than most and then there is a time period for the birth control hormones to run out. I guess I just wouldn't be surprised if it took a lot to get pregnant.... Hopefully next year we can give it a try.

The story really touched us both I think and the night was good. Maybe I'm wrong but I think maybe Rob god one step closer to God. Therefore, besides my own interests, it was a successful evening. I'd go again in a few years or if in the Houston area consider stopping by his church. So...

  • on his website he has some printable things I think are cool go here and scroll to the Resources

  • I also got his new book (bestseller listed) Everyday a Friday from the library, it happened to be delivered that day.... Divine Delivery?

I think it's past my bedtime. I was not very pleased with my latest test results so I must study and do excellent on the Final on Dec. 13th. Then it's off to TN for some R & R and hopefully snow. With God's Will this will be our last vaca to my brother's house due to my graduation & moving next May.