Saturday, December 3, 2011

Night of Hope with Joel Osteen

So it was awesome! Rob even enjoyed it, he said it was different. I think he was expecting something else. He even laughed a few times because Joel Osteen jokes a little, i like it. There was a lady, I can't recall her name, nor find it on the Internet but she said she was a director of music, she had a beautiful voice. Then she gave her testimony, about wanted to start a family and have a big one. It took several years before she and her husband had a son. And a few years later they were trying, even looking into fertility treatments. Her young son wanted a sibling, he would pray for one but the Dr. told her it would be impossible. Well months she got a call from a find that works with women in crisis & a young lady was pregnant with twins. The friend asked if she would be interested in adopting them, she said yes but the mother has to choose so they put together an adoption packet and prayed for favor. And favor they got, now she is a mom of 3.
So the next day Rob asked if I would do something like that. This is probably going to sound odd but I think Rob and I almost anticipate getting pregnant to be a challenge. We are starting later than most and then there is a time period for the birth control hormones to run out. I guess I just wouldn't be surprised if it took a lot to get pregnant.... Hopefully next year we can give it a try.

The story really touched us both I think and the night was good. Maybe I'm wrong but I think maybe Rob god one step closer to God. Therefore, besides my own interests, it was a successful evening. I'd go again in a few years or if in the Houston area consider stopping by his church. So...

  • on his website he has some printable things I think are cool go here and scroll to the Resources

  • I also got his new book (bestseller listed) Everyday a Friday from the library, it happened to be delivered that day.... Divine Delivery?

I think it's past my bedtime. I was not very pleased with my latest test results so I must study and do excellent on the Final on Dec. 13th. Then it's off to TN for some R & R and hopefully snow. With God's Will this will be our last vaca to my brother's house due to my graduation & moving next May.

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