Tuesday, June 26, 2012

thurs: boards = ahh!

Thursday is the day that will change my life at least slightly because I take the NCLEX, the licensing exam for nurses. Today has been a mixtur of stress & studying. If I could study all day I would but the stress keeps me in check to the point that I take frequent breaks. When is comes to a "test" it never seems like you have enough time to prepare... You might say I've been working towards this goal for years yet there is so much I don't truly know or can't recite. And in my would be perfect world I would be able to recite each disease with his cause, treatment, complications, etc.

I'm far from perfect and often make mistakes, hopefully mainly little ones and learn from them. I ask for any prayers that one might send my way. Lord knows I've prayed for myself and this exam and that no matter what Thank you. If all goes well in less than 48 hours I'll have the boards behind me and can actually focus on my job and getting better at it (vs studying) for a written test).

I want to thank anyone who has had me in their thoughts, prayers over the last few years. I truly appreciate the love, kindness, and effort that has been put towards me and my life & goals. By the grace of God I will not just suceed but exceed for his Will is what will be and I know he only wants good for me....

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Good Morning Sunday
Although it has been a month since I watched my regular Mr. Osteen on TV and I have "stumbled" a bit with my bible studies, I'm taking today (the true first day of the week) to get back on track with my studies.
There is never a day that I don't have multiple things to think God for. I've fortunante that I haven't had a day where my only thanks is for giving me breath & life. But today I want recognize my thanks on Amazon Prime. It has allowed me to have some tv shows and movies to watch at no additional cost. Yes the selection is limited but there have been a few great ones (Glee, some Alaskan tv shows, & a few good movies like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers). 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Prayers for NCLEX

So I made it throw my first week of Nursing. Of course you can't really call it that because I didn't do much of anything. I'm sure I'll slowly be doing more and once I get my license be doing it all....

I also got my first paycheck in about 4 years. I have to say that the paycheck is kind of like a mosquito bite... I just have this slightly "itch" to buy something... hehe. However, after visiting Amazon & Old Navy online, even adding a few items to my cart- I did not purchase anything. I have kind of taken a vow or something not to indulge in extra spending until after I pass the boards (praying for the 28th!!!!). It's a good bit of stress because I need the license to practice and keep the job I already got. But I am planning on taking Max to the vet. But that isn't really a want but a need....

So keep the prayers going, I'm taking the NCLEX on the 28th and should have a couple days off before to prepare. God has helped me get this far and I have faith he will delivery me to whatever is in his plan for me... I really think I can make a difference and who knows... Maybe I'll enjoy the new oncology unit more than I think....