Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It has begun!

So Nursing 3 started yesterday. OMG... 12 weeks... probably the fastest summer in my life is beginning now!

Tomorrow is my first Peds clinical and I'm nervous. Feel like I may be doing a bit more "hands on" than I thought.... Afraid that I may upset a child. We haven't even starting talking about kids so it's a little different. Ok... a lot different. Hopefully I have a sweet clinical instructor! All I know is I have to do some kind of assessment on a kid i think, a post-partum assessment, a newborn assesment... some sort of care plan and find a peer-revieved research paper to present and I'm sure there is something i'm leaving out of my clinical goals.

So thurs is the first offical lecture and the spike, prime, time check off (basically hanging an iv bag + a piggy back and calculate the infusion rate). So.... the only other stresser i can think of right now is the pharm test that covers all pharm for the class that is given in 6 weeks...... still don't know how I'm going to tackle that one.

Say your prayers! I'll have just barely enough time to breath!

God bless me with a 100 on dosage yesterday & hoping this will be my new trend for summer!

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