Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clinical game changer...

First day of clinical= done! Well it was really orientation but hey those hours count toward my "clinical hours". And unlike any clinical experience I've had I'll acting be in a role of nurse. Until now I've been more or less a tech that does assessments, sees a procedure from time to time, and passes out meds on one patient once in a blue moon. Due to uncontrolling factors I have practice hardly any skills on living breathing people. My top 3 goals on my daily clinical experience prior to now was do my assessment and vitals, get my patient bathed & linens changed, and make sure they have food/water as needed, comfy, etc. Now I will not be changed out soiled depends and bathing patients, I will not even being doing the scheduled vitals; I'll be doing my assessments (3 per patient), giving meds, doing whatever skills they require or orders they have pending. Of course I'll be working with there nurse and there are some things I just can't do but my biggest challenge is staying on top of it with a load of 2-4 patients. No post conference or pre bull-crap, no picking up patients just the nitty gritty- nursing. How will I stay on top, how will I get my meds out, how will the nurse be with me, how will the tech be with me, can I figure out to manage my time, accomplish the goals. To say the phrase shell shocked, may be appropriate in this instance. I'll definitely have a few extra things to pray for.... by the way I also have to manage me a time to eat lunch.

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