Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A future home?

Yesterday evening turned around my mood (see previous post) let me explain why....
For several months a house down the street from my brother has had a "for rent" sign. This house also has a large dumster in the driveway with items sticking out of it and some of windows look rather strange as you drive by, I think there is tape or something on them. It really makes you wonder how the inside looks since it would "seem" the they owner doesn't care too much about the outside or the dumpster. So my husband called the number (my brother gave me) just to see if they would allow pets and the price. We were just curious to see if it might be a future option since no one has rented it in the many months the sign has been displayed. The man told Rob he was remodling it and it would not be ready 2-3 months, rent is $900, and pets are allowed. I have to say, even withot seeing the inside it sounds great. It is just over 1800 sq ft and has a basement/garage combo, on the good side of town, close to my brother (walking distance) in the area of town we know most. It even has a fenced back yard for the dogs! I'll put a google map link below (it's old though).
My goal (school pending) is take my cats up to live with my brother at the end of march until we move, and arrange a viewing on the home and if landlord willing - put a deposit down to reserve the home for us to move into after I graduate. So of course I've added this to my prayer list- that if this home is meant for my family that God will work things out so we will take residence there. I have faith that God will provide and guide my family....

(I couldn't paste the link for some odd reason but it is 552 ravenwood dr, morristown, tn on google maps website (there is a white vehicle in the driveway))

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