Tuesday, April 17, 2012

and the Stress sets in....

so today or tonight I kind of feel a little more stress. Weight on my shoulders if you will. I believe it is stemming from the extra rent I wasn't planning on paying. It's less than $400 so I try to be like ok that isn't that much but then... I think "$400 to a couple without jobs could be like $4,000 or $40,000".
I still have 1 test and 1 practicum night left for school but I think I'll do alright with that. I'm most concerned with my application for the boards and my future job prospects. I suppose that some people in this stage aren't even concerned with a J-O-B due to the fact that we, nursing students, do not even know when we can work due to the whole boards and when can we take the NCLEX. But in my uniquely tight situation I have to be moved by July.... thus the boat I put myself in. I should be relieved to have a home for my family... but that too is like a slow ticking time bomb. Without jobs my saving will pour down the drain like water. So other than trying my best to get a job and get on with NCLEX I am just praying and putting it in God's hands. Am I scared? Somewhat. But I'm going to faithfully pray and ask for the lord's help.
--- this my venting of stress

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