Friday, January 6, 2012

Ant & Grasshopper

So last night I was reading a couple chapters in my new study bible that I got for Christmas (above photo, from walmart), it was Proverbs 5 & 6. It mentioned the old fable of the Ant & The Grasshopper. I remember hearing it has a kid. I guess I felt as though I could relate & apply this to my current situation (most people probably can). I guess I'm feeling nervous and some worry since in less than a week I have my first exam (keep in mind class begins the coming Monday, first test a few days later). I know I "should" feel some confidence, after all at this stage I should know all the content but truth be told I think it would take years of experience for me to truly know 99% of the nursing content. So I'm wondering if I should do some drastic, or attempt it- to help increase my focus & time on studies & reduce distractions. I'm thinking of unplugging my TV with maybe the exception of Sunday evenings or weekends. I have several TV shows that I enjoy watching usually some kind of reality documentary types (like Alaska:the last frontier & One Born Every Minute). I'd love some feedback from my blog readers on this idea or any suggestion on what I should/shouldn't do. I keep telling myself the next 4 months maybe hard but it will be either lead to me graduation or me wasting 4 months and doing all over again (which would domino effect my life drastically!).

Am I the Ant or the Grasshopper?

(What do I need to do to be successful this term?)

  • Macy's has been have some good clearance sales & today only an extra 25% off (many sweaters under $20)- shop if you can! Update: I spent $110 on 2 jeans (hydraulic), 2 sweaters, 1 dress, 1 undies- saved about $238 (also got free ship since over $99 & a $10 off coupon code of for a purchase of $75).

  • Just a heads up there are going to be a bunch of coupons in the Sunday paper!

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