Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 6..?..

So exam 1 of Nursing 5 (N5 content) is over but I won't know the results until Thursday... I don't know if I did well but there definitely a few questions that had a couple good answers or a question I didn't fully understand what they were asking in relation to the choices or might have misinterpreted? So N5 needs to rewrite some questions. I tried by best and asked God for an A but the end of the day the most important is that I pass.
Excited to have 2 weeks until the next test so I'm going to cook some good meals...

  • Grilled Chicken Burritos

  • Mexi Chicken & Rice soup

  • Pot Roast

  • Beef & Noodles

I just have to go shopping to make the stuff. By the way we are out of bread and I estimate will be out of milk sometime tomorrow (are grocery run isn't planned until Friday- Rob's only day off). I am going to school just about everyday this week- hopefully it is worth it! Also taking photo for graduation wall for school. Also need to run Max to the vet for a booster vaccine and some dog food. Then there is the always present "stay on top of school". (And wed clinical)

So as always my faith is my core and I pray daily and have bible time. On my daily planner I always put BE on each day- means Bible and Exercise because those are things that nourish my body and need to maintain good health and happiness. Before I know it these 2 classes will be over and by the Grace of God I'll enter Nursing 6 and a month later (May 2nd) I'll get pinned (aka graduate).

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