Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last day before orientation (or my "official start date)

First I have to say that I find it very interesting that right now my website weather thing says Orlando & Urbana are 75F but the in-betweener Morristown is 69F. Guess it might have something to do with the impending rain that should strike this area today... ?.... Either way I'm thankful that the next few days predict that Wed will be no/low rain chance & Thurs/Friday thunderstorms. The reason I'm thankful is because Thurs/Friday my drive is 15 min but tomorrow it's going to be over an hour. I haven't 100% decided but thinking about waking up at 5:15 & leaving about 6:15 because map-quest says it takes 1 hr 10 min. If I get there 30 mins early I can sit in my car for 15 and then head in.

So my goals for today...
  • Errands
  • Study
  • Prep for Orientation (make sure I have my stuff ready)
  • Relax
Yesterday I called what was going to be my boss to leave a message about my new boss having not contacted me. I imagine getting promoted & getting a new hire(s) is probably not the ideal situation but regardless by Friday hopefully someone has communicated how the rest of orientation/my schedule will be. I admit I felt kind of bad or something when I left the message because it really isn't her job anymore but no one gave me any contact info for my new boss, so... I can't see myself really being at fault. I have a plan B if this plan fails.... I'm not all too concerned anyways since I have 3 days of orientation, plus I will then call for my CPR renewal & still waiting for ATT for NCLEX.

So... please pray for my family. That I get my ATT soon, that the job/orientation goes well, that Max's growth he won't stop licking doesn't get infected or isn't causing his health to decline and God will allow me to have the funds to take him to the vet soon (and/if before it gets worse).

There is one thing I learned in nursing school (more like a million but this one about myself) I may get nervous, maybe scared, at times doubtful but I can get through it, I can do it. Maybe I'll have a few questions along the way or maybe I'll break a sweat, maybe I can benefit from the experience of another but despite the roller-coaster going on inside me I know I can be an awesome nurse and that with each day I gain more experience I will be an awesome nurse. With God's blessing and his guidance and those he puts in my path I will do just so and a few months from now I'll have a new-found confidence.

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