Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I feel the light of heaven shining upon me....

I got my practicum schedule, which starts the 3rd and I have a couple days to study before the exit Hesi, and I get to take my "cats to tn" trip. I also applied for my first nursing job, I don't know what the odds are of me getting it but hey I did have a little luck with applying to one job and getting it.... I really only applyed because the job doesn't start until June 25th, kind of afraid to apply for other jobs because I can't start til about june since I have to finish school and get the License!!!

So I'm feeling pretty good but before the mini trip and before practicum (on a mother/baby unit- yes!) I have 4 exams. 2 hesi finals, a N5 exam, & General nursing (pharm, da, mental health). So I have some major cramming to do over the next few weeks.... Lord help me please!

And maybe we'll even get to view a potential rental house and the landlord might be so nice to let use reserve it for may/june... if he does I hope God continues to bless me by getting me a nursing job....

This truly must be his will

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  1. I'm so glad that you're so happy and that everything seems to be working out for you!!!