Tuesday, January 3, 2012

12 Goals for 2012

Here is a list of goals, some of these will happen on certain dates or parts of the year, while others maybe a general goal to complete by 2013. I love hearing what other people's goals are & find it very encouraging when they accomplish one or all of them. And I don't mind praying for others & meeting their goals, if you would like to pray for me I'll welcome the support! (They aren't in any specific order, although goal 1 & 2 are most important, occur during the first 4-5 months, & will have a domino affect on other/future goals)...

  1. Pass my 3 remaining Nursing classes & Graduate with my nursing degree (get pinned May 2nd)

  2. Pass the NCLEX (the "boards" aka get my license to practice as an RN)

  3. Get my first RN job

  4. Move to TN (need number 3 for this one)

  5. Be more consistent with reading the Bible & leading a faith filled life

  6. Replace the old Geo with a new(er) car for Mr. Rob

  7. Get in better physical shape (whether it be losing a couple pounds or improving my strength)

  8. Pay it forward

  9. Meet my goal to have $X amount saved by move date

  10. Start 2 long term goals: expanding the family & Rob's education

  11. Spend more time with family & loved ones (take more photos too)

  12. To not take anyone or anything for granted (spread kindness & appreciative)

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