Sunday, December 23, 2012

VS sale, Best & worst Cities, & sweet brown...

Tidbit time (and a long time a coming...)

  • My fav bra shop has a sale- Victoria Secrets. Addicted to them so I love saving nearly 50% of things I actually use and need. Support the girls! 
  • I love those surveys of American towns... Here is the top 20 best cities to live (Columbus, OH is on the list- i used to live there) and then the 10 worst (and yes there is a city I used to live in on this one too). 
  • Want some interesting to buy? Shop at cafe press- love it. I've gotten a few shirts there and a sin that says the man cave for the hubster. Look at my latest find here... Want to know why I like it? Go here... Now check this out... sensational! (or see the video above lol)
that's all for now... Merry Christmas!

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