Monday, April 16, 2012

Update (dean/lease)

So here is my update

  • Emailed the dean a second time this afternoon and she said 2 sentences: that she is familiar with TN app process and I will need to bring the forms. Did NOT say when we can meet... which was my whole point in emailing her.....

  • The lease dude told me I have to begin rent for April. He will prorate it to $300 something and the lease can start May like I requested. That kind of sucks but hey the most important thing is 1. he is renting to us 2. it's a nice house 3. no pet deposit. Its affordable compared to some other places, and decent looking so I don't want to risk paying more, not getting a place in time, or getting a dump because no one wants to rent with pets.

  • As for M.H. hospital interview- have not heard back.... sadface.....

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