Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blessings & Prayers

Allow me update you on my week... if you read my facebook page you already know! But I would love some prayers on theses 3 important things going on in my life...

  1. I have the exit hesi exam, which is like a final that includes everything we have learned plus somethings the teachers didn't have time to teach us (oh my goodness). 165 questions in 5 hours= 50% of my grade for N6- let the lord bless me and help me!!

  2. I have my very first nursing job interview tomorrow, even sweeter it's on a postpartum unit and in morristown so I wouldn't have an hour to commute to most other hospitals. Yay! it's a phone interview and I'm excited!

  3. Rob and I just approved for our Orchard Grove rental house! So now we are just fine tuning the lease agreement and whatnot so soon we will sign and pay. Unfortunanly we will probably pay rent a week or more before the date we will actually move due to graduation and having to get my paperwork done for TN-BON. But just glad to be able to get it!

So that is my prayer list (the short version) of course I pray to pass and graduate, this hesi exam will probably be a good determining factor in that since I got an A on the first test (but it counted for 25%). None the less this week has been amazing, & amazingly stressful! Time to study before my 9am thurs test! I feel like God is telling me I'm finally on the right path....

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