Monday, March 19, 2012

Pharm = Complete!

So I passed my Pharm final, actually more than passed it so of course I did pretty well on the class. God answered my prayers and blessed me. So now I have to get my last clinical on Wed. & then the Nursing 5 Final on Friday. With God's blessing again I will exceed at that and complete nursing 5 so that I may start nursing 6 which means Tuesday exam!!!
Also we are going to check out the rental house down the road from my brother's house on the 29th! So excited, says they are still working on it and that it is 5 bedroom but they must be like tiny because the house is only 1800 sqft. But hey I'm not judging it until I see it (and smell it)! I hope all these little pieces are all apart of God's plan for my husband & I.
Say a little prayer for me!!!!

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