Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Birthday

 I bought myself some PJs from target & a little Snoopy with woodstock from Halmark (total just over $30_
 This is from Rob, TB tee
 From Rob, NBXmas hoodie (for those chilly days ahead in TN)
 Books from Rob, NBXmas family decal set for my car.
 Miss Holly & Miss Kayla at the Kick-Off Classic (part of ben's head too)
Part of the pre-game show, Miss Holly is on the back row of flags 3rd from the left...

So my birthday in a nutshell.... Started with heading to Knoxville. Went to payless to try on shoes because that's the nearest one to me. Why Mo-town doesn't have one is beyond me.... I ordered some heels online later that day, check them out (so out of my comfort-zone but wanted something hot). Then we went to Target (got pjs above) and then went to Old Navy but didn't see anything in store I wanted so I just ordered a couple things online because 1. they sent me a $10 off b-day coupon 2. got 25% off new product.... I got a green hoodie & sweats set, pink hoodie, & shirt (check'em out). Lets say I'll probably have a hoodie for each day of the week... my collection has vastly grown in the past year.... (but for some reason I often put on my old blue Rob hand-me-down when I'm lounging around the house. It's getting worn, the wrist section is fraying...).
Then I went to see the first Football game of the season for my niece, to support her flag team. After that the day somewhat sizzled out.... Rob & I watched the end of Hatfields & McCoys on the history channel and ate my birthday cake, which is somewhat like strawberry shortcake. My 11pm I think I was asleep. I also ate at Texas Roadhouse in Knoxville for lunch, Chicken Fried Chicken- YUM!
Later today I'm heading to my brothers for a post-birthday celebration & watch Big Brother & True Blood. Then tomorrow is my first day on my own, God help me and be with me always....

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