Monday, December 24, 2012

to do 2013

So as I listen to "Zombie Apocalypse" on Discovery I think about what I want to do 2013. Also watching these "preppers" and pandemic entertainment makes me want to increase my emergency supplies and work for the CDC (because I'd rather work in the research arena VS the front-lines because I'll probably die).

I would like to start one. Not exactly sure but since this is my first semi-big venture I am going to restrict myself and not go overboard. Maybe 6 or so different veggies that way if I fail it is ok.

Having moved about 6 weeks or so in my first home I really need to get seriously and finally organized. My days of a billion boxes are approaching an end.

  • I was looking for a cool blog to help and think this might be one (of course pinterest is awesome too)
  • How to organize gift wrapping supplies (might need this is buy some clearance stuff for next year)

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