Monday, April 2, 2012

Prayers requested

Well before a take a moment to do a little bible time I want to update you. Last week I took my first of three nursing 6 exams and got a 94=A (it counts for 25% of my grade). I also went to TN to drop of my cats. I admit I do miss them, differently than I imagine the dogs because the cats are quite little fuzz balls that approach you when you want, sneak out the back door to eat grass while I take the dogs out, and end up taking naps on the bed or the blanket on the floor in the corner. I miss calling Jamesy and him meowing in reply as if to say "yes mommy?". I did see a house while we were there but it was disappointing. So I've contacted a couple property managers and going to pray about that because it truly is a challenge. I also have my NCLEX application on the way to me from TN and I completed an online interview questions & questionnaire for Covenant Health (applied to 2 jobs there). And if you think that wasn't enough I also made a vet appointment for Zoey!
But tomorrow will be a test of sorts, my first practicum night. So I'm sipping my too rich McCaffe Frappe to attempt to stay up at least until 3am and sleep until hopefully 2pm since I gotta leave about 5:30 to start my evening shift. I'll meet my preceptor and hopefully she be very informative my first night. I'll be hearing babies crying, helping moms and dads and asking very personal things from the moms (like when did you last change your pad, can i see it as well as your most intimate area, etc.). 3 weeks from today will be my last nursing school exam. And by the way, the 12th is the biggest exam ever! At least while in nursing school- the 165 question Hesi exit exam covering EVERYTHING plus things the teachers didn't have time to teach.... So God if you are reading my blog post pleaseeeeeeeeeee help me, please oh please! God Bless me, Nursing 6, and everyone else in the world.....
Option 1 (like this realtor best but waiting to hear if it allows pets update= just an email that they do allow pets for addition $25month, now waiting to see if that is per-pet or total)
Option 2 (realtor says i have to apply & pay app fee before I can view it - not thrilled about that)

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