Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 1 has Begun!

Ok so the stress levels are running high.....

First week of the last semester of Nursing school (thank the lord for getting me here).

I could maybe benefit from a few extra prayers.... Thursday morning I have a test on EVERYTHING! Then Wed. the 18th, in the afternoon, I have a simulation. Which is basically a physical test of the act of Nursing- like 20-30 minutes with 2 random fake patients. It's pass/fail with the opportunity to retake but I want to pass the first time because this semester is getting down & dirty from day 1. I'm sacrificing staying on top of my assignments to study for this big Thursday exam, which then I have to write something that must be turned in by 6pm, then I actually need to read this week's chapters & start next weeks chapters. Before Wednesday I need to practice or prep for Simulation & sometime I need to work on the big pharm group case study and the regular group case study! Ugh!

Lord be with me, I'll be alright and come May 2nd I'll get pinned & start preparing for the boards.... With God's will, I will

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  1. I know my blog is seen by few people but for any person who happened to include my name in a prayer- thank you. I did awesome. Thank you lord!