Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So... 2 weeks ago today (feels like 3 though) I was supposed to have an interview on the phone but the lady never called me. I left a message last week and called again today only to get the voice-mail... so I left another message. I basically short of of begged her to call me to let me know is she is still interested or not. By the strangest things ever to happen to be in concerns to a potential job. So I'm praying to God that she will call and at least put my mind at ease/peace.
As far as my lease situation- signed and paid! The keys are waiting for me. (or my brother). In a week or so I'm going to call for the electric and water, that is going to hurt the bank account....
As far as my TN-BON app... Seeing the dean next Monday and then I just need to order my transcripts which I might just do now. I just paid for my exam $200. Ouch! And then I just gotta get my $100 cashiers check for the TN app.
I have the graduate luncheon Friday, tomorrow is shopping day (grocery & new interview outfit). And Thurs/Friday I need to go to the Vet & get Mr. Max some food and hopefully a prescription.... after all that I should have just the prorate rent to pay and the Uhaul. So by the time my dad gets here in 1 week I'll be close to broke (at least in the bank).
The risk my husband & I are taking is bigger than any risk we have ever done before. I hope and prayer that God will provide for us and bless us with jobs quickly (precisely: rob by June, me shortly after or by the time I get my license).

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