Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring Break approaches....

I have almost a week until spring break but lots to do until then.... I have a pharm exam which I am currently not prepared for, on Monday; I also have a few appointments to do my virtual IV work and maybe I can get checked off on that... While on my break I much to do as well. Like:

  • 8 case studies for N5

  • Study my butt off to prepare for the end of N5 & Pharm and beginning of N6 (aka hell weeks- in less than 2 week period I'll have 4 exams - 2 finals & 2 nursing exams - one on half of N5 content, other one on General Nursing)

  • See my biological father in law (prison visit)

  • Pack some stuff (preparing for the big move)

  • Get an Oil change

I think that's it but who knows.... With God's help I hope to pass all my classes and exams and everything in order to graduate on May 2nd. Until then I must prepare for Pharm, prepare of IV, and have one more clinical day (til Spring break).

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