Monday, May 21, 2012

Humble, Humility

I have to admit that being humble is a varying work in progress. I desire to have a humble attitude, to appreciate everything & be thankful for what I do have vs. what I have not. It's easy to see or name the faults in something. It takes more effort or energy to name the positive attributes. Have you noticed how easy it is to correct someone when they are wrong or to address a situation where a mistake not in your favor has occurred? But if the situation was reversed, would you praise someone or correct the situation that actually left you in a better position than you should be?  I can think of numerous potential situations, maybe some might argue a few that it is your right to argue it or whatever. Should I eat those cold fries from the burger joint or complain & get a new order? Should I compliment the cashier on her service? - Something she does for 8 hours a day to random people, she is paid to do it but should I just say thanks? Should I say more, like you have been helpful or I like you earrings or thank you for the quick service? I imagine in this world I live in that more than likely I'd get a few stares at my verbal effort. The truth is I don't do a lot of that. I do always try to say thank you to my cashiers when they hand my receipts and throw in a nice day or "you too". Of course it's a lot easier to say thanks and have good day when it's being offered to you too. Almost a domino effect, don't ya think?

As a student nurse meeting a patient can be a little nerve-racking because like that box of chocolates " you never know what you're gonna get". So I try to get to know a little bit more than just the medically necessary with my patients. And if I time I usually throw a compliment too (I often compliment nail polish on my female patients).

But to me humility is more than kindness & effort but thanking God for things I probably wouldn't think to thank God for.... example: My new rental house, I could make a laundry list of things/reason I wouldn't buy it and I often think I should look for a better place before it comes time to renew in about 11 months. Lets just say I just wouldn't want a baby crawling around this place or giving them a bath in the tub. But the humble side says Lee you have a roof that doesn't "appear" to leak, you have your 4 babies & husband under 1 roof, the air works and you can do laundry without leaving the house - God blessed me!
If only my husband could be a little more humble and flexible to my wishes ... hehe....

I'm in TN, & even know I might have just killed some small winged bug on my dog laying next to me on the bed, I'm trying to be positive; at least it wasn't a spider? at least it wasn't on me? Our black comforter certainly isn't helping me out any..... All in all I can't complain. God got me through school, got me to TN with my family, got me a job super quick... now if he can continue to help me with NCLEX so I can keep the job and progress on my path in life....So I've got a nice index in my study bible- it has humble & humility in it so I'm going to read those verses that correlate to the topic...
Num 12:3
Ps 138:6, 149:4
Zech 9:9
Matt 5:5, 11:29, 21:5
Eph 4:2
Phil 2:3
Jas 4:6, 3:13
1 Pet 3:8, 5:5
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