Saturday, April 14, 2012

My week reflected...

All in all I can't complain. I've been told we are approved for the house we want to rent, I got a B on the exit Hesi, and I was called for my first interview....
But is it odd that I feel somewhat down or disappointed?
I found out Tuesday about the house and have yet to hear back from 2 emails sent since then. My interview never happened. First the lady never called so I called the hospital, then through a 3rd party I was told she still intends to call me. But that was Wed. and no day/time was proposed. And the icing of disappointment- I have to wait another week to get my finger prints- ugh!
So although I'm glad for the Hesi and i guess you could say it is the most important thing to me at this time since graduation could make/break me. My overwhelming joy has sort of "deflated" and now I must shrink back my excitement to normal, everyday levels. It's like shrinking your stomach back after Thanksgiving dinner. So I'm currently waiting for 3 people to contact me, as my future may depend of them (at least 2 out 3). I have another place to apply for but I guess I was hopeful tat this job that called me could be the "one". So while my husband serves VIPs at Earth Day Birthday all day concert festival I will fight boredom and drowsiness all alone. The fact I'm slightly less than happy probably will only feed my drowsy state. I hope this next week which will start soon, will be better... loose ends tied up and complete a few things. BTW thanks for all the prayers and feel free to send a few more. My last exam is April 23rd.

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  1.'re almost there! ;) I hope all your dreams come true.