Monday, March 12, 2012

Request for prayers...

School is getting down to the nitty gritty.

Two weeks from tomorrow will be 2 weeks with 4 tests. This has probably not happened in Nursing school before because I've not had 2 classes at the same time, nor 3 classes in 1 semester. This Thursday is N5 2nd exam, covering disaster nursing, Change/Conflict, & Quality Improvement/time management. Then next Monday is the Pharm Hesi Final (omg be with me), then the friday after that is N5 Hesi Final, then the Tuesday after that (or 2 wks from tomorrow) is N6 1st general nursing exam covering Pharm, MH, Dosage- assuming that you/I/we pass Nursing 5 & Pharm!!!

So I could really use a few extra prayers on behalf! The N5 exams are hard because you don't know what they are going to ask, the material is less black/white than normal nursing content. Pharm, well what can I say, it is my hardest topic. Seriously how many drugs are in the world and you want me to know random information about each (interactions, expected/not expected effects, when to give it/withhold it, etc). Then there is the general exam... since that is the first day of nursing 6 I'm not really sure what info we will get before the test (like tips or helpful hints or advice for the course & exams). I've been calling it "hell weeks", although I'm pretty confident it is nothing like hell itself. Hell is surely worse but it will be a huge challenge, at times tortuous, extremely stressful. I will be yo-yo-ing between studying and can't take anymore studying, then guilt for not studying enough, then convincing myself to focus on content I half know VS learning new things and of course consuming high sugar substances & when the house is bare of these items telling Rob I need a McFlurry or McD's ice cream cone STAT!

I know God will be with me on my personal roller-coaster of all the above & emotions. I believe and trust he will get me through it and I will succeed, I will exceed at the exams and be promoted to the next course (N6) & do well on its first test so I can be on the road to graduating May 2nd!

And then on March 27th, after all the exams are over for a brief period I will take my cats to TN to stay with my brother until my Husband & I will make the BIG MOVE...

With my hardest effort and faith in God that he will bless me & my family, with his will & hope for my life.

So if anyone out there sends a prayer for me I thank you from the depths of my heart. Nursing school is and has been a long long long hard road and I'll be crying tears of joy on the inside when I get my pin on May 2, 2012.

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