Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 3....

Alrighty, so this week, on the surface, would appear to relatively easy. However, no week in nursing school could just be as simple as "easy. I thought having 2 classes wouldn't be too bad, after I all I've done 4 at one time before.... But there are a ton of discussion boards and more group ones than I would prefer. Not downing the groups, they have been great but I like to depend on myself and have control over what I'm doing and when I'm gonna have it done. Example, we have another group post this week for N5, I'd like to have started my end of it but I was waiting to see if anyone had input since it's a collaboration. (Will email tomorrow if not emailed back) I've been keeping up with the chapters ok but have not started studying for pharm yet. Tonight I'm doing practice questions, tomorrow some pharm stuff, see what's up with group, and maybe finish this weeks reading. Then Tuesday is first day of Clinical.
Sometimes I don't know how I've done it or how I'll do it. But one thing I do know is I couldn't or can't do it without God. Everyday it seems I find some way the lord has blessed, whether it seems like a smaller one like getting what I wanted or a surprise freebie in the mail OR passing a class or getting an A on the hesi. Like I've typed on here many times, I believe it's God will for me to be a nurse. So I do what I can, pray for God to help me do more & succeed, and put it in his hands.
I take a deep breath and God calms me, then I just keep thinking "May 2, 2012"...

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