Sunday, March 18, 2012

Onto test 2 of 4....

In 24 hours I will sitting down at a computer about to begin the 2nd of the 4 tests in 2 weeks thing. It's Pharm, not my best subject, first Pharm hesi as opposed to teacher made exam but at least I have made enough points so far that I do not need a high score to pass, however I will do my best and hope to better on this exam that my last pharm exam. Then friday is my 3rd exam, another final, and I hope to surpass my previous exam by doing so well like 90 or better would be great. And then I'll know if I am passed & completed Nursing 5 & Pharm so I can start Nursing 6 next Tuesday. Prayers Please!
I'm going to try balance studying with coping with the stress. I have started etting almostt daily headaches since last Thursday (my last test), so I'm pretty sure it is due to stress/anxiety.
At the end of the day I know it's all by God's grace and his will so faith I shall have...

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