Thursday, August 9, 2012


I've been working hard lately and only have 5 more days of orientation then I'm solo. Also Last Saturday we bought Rob a new car, a Honda Fit. But more importantly I'm posting my tidbits!

  • TLC has a new show coming on this Monday at 9 United Bates of Americaif you have watched the Duggars the you probably know them. They have a large family and live just outside of Knoxville, TN. Also 19 Kids & Counting will be back with a new season in just a couple weeks. Hooray!
  • Have you been  shopping lately? Yesterday I was at Walmart & saw a Fall display! So excited because I love Fall. I love the new sweaters, the leaves changing/falling, the pumpkins, Halloween, & more! And now that I'm back in Ole TN I can actually feel a real fall season. Did I mention the fall seasonal candles at Yankee Candle?
  • So a while now this house has been sale on the same road my brother lives on. In some sort of fantasy in my head I kind of picture myself living there but yesterday I saw 4 cars there so I guess someone else is seriously interested.... Here is the house, guess we'll see if it gets sold. We have come to the conclusion that we should consider buying next year since our rent is high for the area and our rental has problems (most recently a mouse). Maybe if get a good interest rate we can afford something near the house above... 
Well I guess that's it for now ...

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