Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vista Print deals...

Yesterday I ordered a customed pen and tote bag- free, just paid shipping ($4.41).
The above image is what will be on my pen, that is my family! Although I was hesitant to put Watts on it since it is likely that at some point will won't be the "Watts" family anymore, don't jump to conclusions... We will probably become the Radford family. (long story short= Rob and I are not Blood/Genetically related to the Watts lineage, but Radford being my maiden name- we have blood ties- Ancestry & my family name will continue rather than die out on this end of the branch... I have an Awesome Husband!)
The tote bag has the family characters on it but slightly different design. They have tons of choices, you can use pictures or just write something. I put Conserving Leos on my tote bag.
Go here and create something Awesome ...

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