Friday, December 10, 2010

Counting down til I'm Out of Town!

Nursing one is almost done! Thank you Jesus but don't forget me yet b/c I need some divine intervention for the final...
So... test yeah. Test 5 was my lowest score (don't ask me how because i really didn't feel like I was going to miss so many while I was taking the test). I miss the days when 100-90 was an A, 90-80 was B, etc..... So, if my calculations are correct all I need is 45 points on the final to pass....
I think I can manage that but it was a big blow to my head to see the score for test 5. So God, I know you're with me everyday but please especially be there on Tuesday Dec 14th from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. I know I said all i care about is passing but apparently I lied, I really wanted to get a good grade (like a B) but that chance is slipping away.....
Anyhow... I'm studying today and yesterday I did a practice final with a score of 71%, I'm cool with that (even though that is like a D). I just took a short break to look over my mail and I got the Freezer meals cookbook... looks pretty good. Want to try to the breakfast burritos (no defrosting needed, can freeze individually, and microwave in 2 minutes = perfect breakfast on school days) and they have a stuffed baked potato thing which is cool because sometimes when I buy a bag of potatoes I just don't know what to do with them all and I hate to be wasteful. So we've been eating quite a bit of baked potatoes! LOL Looks like they have an interesting marinade/sauce section - maybe i can prep these for quick meals during Nursing 2 or help Rob with some dinners!
Ok so.... my Christmas shopping is done! (BTW Rob hasn't gotten me anything yet)- guess they will just arrive while we are in TN). But I think I'd just really love to see some snow (in TN) and get some great photos of everyone- that would be a nice christmas gift.
I better get back to studying but before I do I just have to say- my P.O. was out of post card stamps so I thought ok I'll order them online- well apparently the credit card application isn't working so um... I'm SOL! Worst-case scenario = I'll go to the Talbot P.O. and get them o VACA.

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