Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week ??

So I think week 12 is about to start... Tomorrow I have a demo (male cath) which should go well. Then I gotta book it back home so I can study study study for Monday's test (# 4). Then tuesday is going to be hell - simulation ahhhhhhhh! I hope and pray that i'm not the main nurse, I can not run the show! Wednesday will hopefully go well.... I need to spend a good chunk of time looking at a chart so I can do my nursing care plan next weekend. After about 3 pm wednesday then I can finally take a deep breath and relax.... Thursday is just a practice math test and hopefully that will go ok. Then my awesome date Friday!!!! And basically will spend next weekend doing the care plan, reading a few chapters, & planning my T-day menu/strategy.
Just a few more weeks (really 1 month) of studies and what not then I'll have a break woo hoo!
But then.... it goes up a level on the stress factor with Med/Surg & weekly clinical- where I'll actually do things- like bath a strange and possibly ill client..... Dear God, if it's not too early, please let all my clinical client/patients be understanding and friendly, and most of all patient! Save the angry and uncooperative ones for one the job....
  • Go here for the latest leaked Black Friday sale ads! I'm addicted to this site, although I usually just stay home and shop online, who knows- the hubs and I may attempt a BF outing this year......
  • I made a trek to Publix today (no pictures) and got some sweet goodies like BOGO Nestle chocolate chips - thinking of trying a white chocolate vanilla version of the "Chocolate Lovers cake" I made for my b-day. There is no recipe for it but i think I can make the needed substitutions.... too bad I forgot the sour cream- maybe I'll pick it up tomorrow hm..
  • Did you get your Turkey yet? Go here for some Butterball coupons (plus a male in rebate if you buy there turkey & Disney's christmas carol!) I did a few days ago, went on a trip to albertsons (since it's far away now) to get the Buy 1 Get 2 Free meats, had turkey's on sale 69 cents a pound and since I haven't seen any better deals I grabbed one. Me and the hubs spent about $72 on meat (3 pork loins, 3 full racks of ribs, 14 chicken drumsticks, 18 boneless pork chops, & one 15# turkey) Now we just need some steaks and/or beef roasts and we'll be set for months! And yes we love pork!
  • Christmas Carol coupon here for Bluray combo pack ($10 off)
  • For some odd reason a memory of an old movie popped into my head last night, forgot the name but eventually (through a little online research) recalled the name- Margie (1946). Sadly though it's not very easy to find.....

Well my study break is long over now... gotta get back at it!

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