Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Nov weekend

Today I pleasently surprised to get a $10 Kohls giftcard and a letter from McDonald's with 2 free McRib cards in it! Score for me! I also got an email from TooJay's loyality club with a free dessert coupon in it, not pictured.
Rob and I usually hang out on Thursdays because I have a short day at school and he is off, so we went to thte Waterford Lakes shopping mall or whatever to get some dog food at Pet Smart and go to Target. We decided to have lunch at Too Jay's because i haven't eaten there since we lived in South FL and i love it. I got the special (open face roast beef with mashed potatoes & Rob got the buffalo tender meal with mahed potatoes- it had like 6 or 7 tenders awesome!) Then of course we had to top it off with some of their wonderful desserts, they are so cheap ($2.50 slice of cake) and they have a dessert for 2 deal - $4.50 for any 2 slices of cake! Only sad part was it was lunch time so I wasn't able to get my favorite "dinner" meal... Guess we'll have to go back....
So... Nursing school..... Clinicals? was ok, would be better if I didn't have the pressure of "goals" to meet each week, like the care plan and asking certain questions/topics. I'd totally be cool if I didn't have to accomplish the extras! So I'll be glad when it is a week before T-day and I'll be done with the clinicals until nursing 2. I did manage a 10/10 on my quiz thursday, amazing! I was so tired Wednesday too!
So.... this wednesday will probably equally suck because Rob works a double and I'll be having my long clinical dinner will probably be some kind of fast cooking frozen thing. BTW where is my husband? He's been working since 7 am and it's almost 6.... tummy grumbling....

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