Monday, September 20, 2010

Skip week 3, I'm in week 4!

So..week 3 was alright. Slightly stressful but I pulled through...
So week 4...
I took my first Exam today! I think I did alright but we'll just have to wait for the scores to see... this will define my standings and clue me into what i'm not doing right, if anything.
So Wednesday is my big stress day... I'm just worried about assessing a classmate, I've practiced on my mom and Rob but on both I couldn't fine 2 pulses, not exactly sure about the chest sounds... I mean I just don't like the whole rib to intercostal space- I just don't feel confident in what i'm "feeling" i guess. Then the BP- I feel ok with this but not sure about being Spot On. At least with the systolic pressure- it just comes so fast....Brachial pulses aren't always easy either. Of course if you get nit-picky then I could list a lot more areas they may hold against me.
But I only get 2 or 3 "prompts" before failure...
So i'd appreciate any prayers my way! My class starts at 8 am on wed. and is over at 12.
My knees are a shakin!

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