Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Countdown to Turkey....

So... normally I'd have my bird bathing in fruity, salty brine but hey I'm lazy! Will do tomorrow, along with a couple other pre-prep items and bake my fabulous pumpkin pie. I love to cook but without having more family to enjoy it I have scaled down my Thanksgiving day feast to the bare minimum- Turkey, gravy, stuffing (of the stove-top nature), real mashed potatoes, scalloped corn (aka corn pudding), rolls (of some instant kind- no point in making them homemade b/c it makes a lot), deviled eggs, apple & pumpkin pies, and of course the pre-dinner veggies/dip/cheese/crackers!
  • Ready for Black Friday? Here is my favorite sneak peak site...
  • For the drinkers out there, I got an email about a rebate for booze... yeah i know... so maybe you can save a little a by a few bottles but drink it slowly & responsibly!
  • If you haven't gone to Vista Prints yet, they have added a few extra freebies, like note pad! I want it but after placed a couple orders- i'm debating over the shipping..hm... check'em out!
  • Head over to money saving mom for info on how to get a free Slurpee at 7-11 on Black Friday (there is one just down the street so... i might get it)
  • Just so you couponers know there WILL BE coupons in this Sunday's paper (usually holiday weekends don't but PG insert will be this weekend) Preview here

So an update on my holiday shopping...

Just need to finalize my brother's family, maybe get my mom something for the stocking, take & print nice picture for my daddy, and.... the hubster!


  1. Man, I wish you were around me for Thanksgiving. I know you would fill my belly with some good DE-LICIOUS food! :)

  2. Hopefully once life setlles for both of us (when you're back the good'ole US) we can visit and see each other more so than in the last 10 years! You were my very first friend and I love now even more than I loved you then! I'm thankful for you and your enduring friendship throughout my life! Happy Thanksgiving.