Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Holiday BF Shopping

My dad and me at Mad River Mountain 2006
Walmart Midnight BF run
Early friday evening run to Kohls
1 - frame $9.99
1- Holiday night light $8.99 (i miss my fireplace)
1- Yankee candle $1.99
Saved: $29
Coupon used: $10 off $20 purchase
Spent: 11.68
(3 dvds not pictured)
Box sets ($12 each)
- S1 Sons of Anarchy
- V5 Family Guy
- V6 Family Guy
- V7 Family Guy
Blurays ($5 each)
- Dark Knight
- Family Guy Dark Side
- Live Free Die Had
- Legion
- Independence Day
DVDs ($1.96, except 2 were $5)
- The Bourne Identity
- Fantastic 4 Silver Surfer
- Speed Racer
- The Girl Next Door
- Xmen The last stand
- Ice Age
- Gone with the Wind
- The Hangover
Total saved: a lot!
Total Spent: $103.01
The breakdown.....
Most of the movies are gifts for Rob and I (some are from me to him, a couple from him to me and will be wrapped under the tree), a few Rob used his tip money to buy, and just 3 are for us because we can..... Kohls- I've been wanting the night light because it's so cute and it waas on sale, the frame will be used to hold a family picture that we'll take later this week, and th candle was a filler item because i had to spend $20 for the coupon- will be gifted! Truth is that I don't have many to shop for and none of these items (or similar ones I could have bought) would have fit in. Of course I could have gotten a few dvds, like maybe an extra Ice Age and held unto it until I found it a home but... 1. I didn't even think of that and 2. that would kind of be unnecessary spending. Now I'm just waiting on a few packages to arrive and Thursday going to scope out Ikea & take a nice photo that I'll be putting in a frame for us and in a frame for my dad. Other than a last minute deal for Rob and some little stocking stuffings- my Christmas shopping is complete. Will be mailing my packages in about 2 weeks and less than 3 will be done with Nursing 1 and on my way to Rocky Top (aka Tennessee).....Merry Christmas!

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