Saturday, October 16, 2010

Half way done?

With nursing 1? Guess so....
So week 7 was ok with the exception that I failed my female catheter demo... I didn't even get to the catheter because, idiot me- must have spaced out or something, i did not pull the curtain to provide privacy. Which of all the demos we have done this far, this is the most intimate one and most definitely I should have remembered the privacy! UHHH I could kick myself, I'm not angry or in tears because i know i can put in a catheter, just disappointed that i messed up on a critical element that i will do for every patient no matter what the procedure/assessment. The worst part is that i went to school Friday to get it "taken care of" and was informed that i can't do it because the same teacher can't to the "practice" round and the 2nd attempt.... So I'm trying to just put it out of my mind since i wasted about a day and need to read the new material for the next week. When will i do cath? don't know, either today or tomorrow I'll try to figure it out. I was just looking forward to have it all behind me and focusing on my other unfinished skills or book material....Trials & Tribulations
On a more positive note, my brother told me that he might have some career connections for me to "maybe" aid getting my foot in the door at UT Medical center. I don't know alot about Knoxville hospitals but my limited knowledge makes me hold UT as my top choice because it is University affiliated and could help me gain a higher degree and all that good stuff. So this has sparked a bit of excitement in me and perhaps will help me stay focused or refocus myself so that I can push through school and reap the rewards of being a nurse!
I think the key is taking it one day at a time and not allowing yourself to get "worked up" or overly emotional to anything about nursing school. Just stay calm, accept it, and focus on achieving and moving on....

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