Friday, October 1, 2010

Week 5 done...

So I made it through week 5. But on Monday I have one of the most stressful days- redoing my Pulse counts followed by test 2! AHHHHHH!
Prayers always needed ...
On a non-school note....
Next tuesday Disney is releasing the Beauty & the Beast on Blu-ray/dvd combo pack diamond edition & they have a coupon for $10 off (combo pack).
I happen to know that Target it going to sell them for around $24.99 or so minus $10 = about $15
True- I have no kids
True - I want to collect them for my futures
also True- I really enjoyed this movie as a kid
so... I might just take a little bit of my birthday money and buy this... Do you think I can get Rob to watch this with me?
Also this movie has a great message and is wholesome entertainment!
Go here for coupon (if can't get it then login/create account for disney- the movie rewards program lets you put in codes for every disney movie you own already or buy to redeem for other things - I'm new to it so not sure but I think if I enter 1 or 2 more codes I get a free DVD?).

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