Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stress Busters!

I know the holidays are fast approaching so I thought I'd post a few tips about coping with stress and preventing a major meltdown! I found these in a little magazine so I can't take the credit!
  1. Talk it out
  2. Take up a hobby (knitting is peaceful & can be done anywhere, even while watching tv)
  3. Yoga (or anything that gets your body moving)
  4. Breathe- deep breaths
  5. Say no
  6. Turn off the cellphone
  7. Eat right
  8. Relax neck/shoulders (get in the hot tub or ask spouse for a little massage or just loosen up with some stretches)
  9. Visualize peace (this is like a nursing intervention, take a 5 minute vacation by looking at a picture of the beach or something, you tube as some ideas)
  10. Walk (try it alone or maybe with others or just turn up the MP3 player & enjoy a little audio therapy!)

My 11th personal suggestion... Look outside yourself. No matter your situation it could be worse- you are still alive so be thankful. Remember and give thanks to whomever (I prefer God or just thanking my husband for some little thing he did). It's too easy to project your mad mood or whatever onto others when they (the others) really had nothing to do to deserve it (they didn't cause your mood so you shouldn't "blame" them). So, maybe if you are having a bad day, step outside yourself- make a cup of hot chocolate (for yourself? then make another and give it to whomever is there -mom/dad, brother/sister, child/spouse) and don't forget to say "i love you". It seems like the holidays = busy-time so take a moment to appreciate and give love back.

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