Monday, November 22, 2010

Another B

for test 4. Can't complain, actually happy with this even though i don't feel that excited. I guess it's cause i got an A on the last one and all that stuff..... I feel sort of like the idiot that is goofing off at the end of the race b/c they seen the crossing line in sight and are being cocky and stuff.... then they trip or something stupid happens and someone else wins. You ever felt like that?
Nursing 2 will be full of challenages like patients that are dying or cancer patients who are post-op, plus a stint in the mental ward! I could start hyperventilating now but my coping skills are to not think... just take it one day at a time. At least when it comes to school..... Gonna take care of my duties tonight and take a long relaxing bath.... Tomorrow I get my first hospital badge...

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