Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday savings...

got 10 Kraft Cheese products (shredded/sliced/block) sale $2 ea
Used 2- $5/5 kraft coupons
= 10 cheeses for $10
Victorias Secret
got 3 bras (body by victoria type-various $) & 1 panty
Used promo codes for Free Shipping & $10 off BBV bra plus free panty
= 3 bras/1 panty for $116 shipped
I've put the cheese in the freezer; going to use on various things like grilled stuffed chicken burritos (pepper jack block), baked ziti (shredded mozz), baked mac'n'cheese (shredded cheddar), baked chicken/broccoli/pasta & cheese (shreed triple cheddar), and some other things...
As for VS... I've been needing some replacement bras, as well as a white one for my nursing uniform so I just decided to find a few deals and get the most for my money...

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