Sunday, October 3, 2010

Macy's shopping...

I just ordered these jeans, my fav (and just about only brand I wear because I love the way they look and feel on me) Hydrualic jeans... on sale for $19.95. Cashed in $10.80 worth of points from Opinion Outpost for an Amazon gift code so I only paid $16.?? for them (shipping was $5.95).
Hopefully they will fit me (otherwise I'll have to return them) trying out a new size so we'll see! Really hope I don't gain any nursing school weight, would rather use a bit! Ok enough d**king around, time for hardcore studying!!!! If I project and prophecy my life then God shall lead me to it.... I will do well on my test tomorrow, I will preform my 2nd attempt skill great and pass it with calmness in my heart, I will be successful in nursing school and open new doors in my family's life and give with my heart and my skills to help others in the community! Praise the Lord, Amen!

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