Thursday, April 23, 2009

Walgreens 21-23

Bought all this in 4 transactions over a 3 day period because the first attempt this week was horrible. My giftcard that my rebates load onto was de-magnified i guess and a cashier didn't know what to do so the EXA came over and tried what the cashier did and said "sorry you can't use it". What? A day before this my fav cashier had just "punched" in the numbers. I am dumb founded that an EXA (just under store manager but aboce all the assistants) did not know how to do this or at the very least did not attempt to try. I should very well write them a note saying how come one cashier in the whole place is trained very well to deal with a variety of issuses while even an EXA can't figure out how to get a walgreens giftcard to go through....sorry i had to vent! I called before i went to make sure "my" cashier was there, otherwise i wouldn't have gone.
Not pictured are --------6-12 packs of A&W Root beer (3/$11)
2- Edge shave creams (2.99 ea)
2- Tums duual action (7.99 ea)
2- Schick razor refills 4 ct (11.49 ea)
4- Glade soy candles (5.99 ea)
1- Physican Formula Organic blush/bronzer (clearance 8.39)
1- Phy. Formula Organic eye duo (clearance 4.79)
1- Wags bag (FREE for earthday)
1- twizzlers (1.27 employee discount)
1- chapstick (1.99)
3- clearance hair ties/barettes (.20 ea)
Total before coupons--------------$107.94
Coupons total: $53
Total Remaining-------------------$54.94
RR's used:$32
Giftcard: $9.64
Cash (not including tax)----------$13.30
Rebates will receive: $10
RR Received: 24
---------------------------------$3.30 (not including tax)
i added up what the receipts said I saved =$105.71

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