Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Book updates...

True Blood
So i'm close to 3/4 into Club Dead and boy it's keeping me on my toes, i don't wanna give anything away but wow i never really thought , i mean i kinda knew it would happen but seems almost slightly out of character for Sookie to....shall i say bend the rules... I reserved the 4th book and it says it's on the shelf but not on it's way to my house, i think this is a mistake since i checked further and there are a few requests on it but only a few so i imagine i'll get it in a couple weeks top. I know i had book 3 on reserve but ended up buying it, i just couldn't wait. & i know i'll probably end up buying them all but ya know i'm trying not to spend $6 every week on a book...we'll see how it goes...maybe my anticipated busy summer school will slow down my reading...will i have read them all before the 10th book comes out? who knows (i think the 9th just came out, 10 later this year??? not 100%)
New Moon
So i checked my library account, i'm now #5 on the waiting list. Hooray!! But that is for the large print book, good thing i added it to my list, the regular one i'm still like 20 something i think but i'll delete it as soon as i get one of them.
20 & Counting
I'm about 3/4 through this book also. I must say the trials and tribulations they have gone through and risen above are inspirational. I love their TV show too. Although i respect and admire there "leave it up to God" philosophy on birth control, in another life i think I would do that too maybe. But i really admire there no debt atitude on life, and how sucessful they have been. Thanking God all the way through, which i agree has played a major roll in their sucesses & i too share this view with them.
I have never read so much or so many things at one time (why couldn't i have found Sookie last May when i had surgery?..) I've always been that child that dreaded reading and when i read a Wrinkle in Time in the 6th grade i got the worse grades ever because 1. I was cramming in chapters on the bus to school 2. Just wasn't into it so it was in 1 ear and out the other....I kinda say F U to reading Fiction, i admit i never finished Interview with the Vampire but i did make head way, nor have i finished any other of that series although it was the only books that sparkled an interest in my 12 + year old mind.....Now i'm enthralled, always a lover of non-fiction (love to learn!) now i'm proud to find a potentially cheaper, take me away from life hobby. I just hope that this hobby will not take away from more important things in my life, like school or in the future my family. Like with IWTV i wanted to be that sweet Claudia, little bratty princess (although i was 12 remember) & now i won't exactly say i would want to be Sookie ( i mean hello parents dead & then Gran too, & the damn cat..oh no! not to mention too many near death experiences...) But i wouldn't mind being Eric's love interest or having such a cute nice old fashioned-y house in Louisiana (bring on the Cajun food)... Or all in all having real life Vampires "out of the coffin" and a whole new world it would be.....
What's the one thing all these books have in common, i wouldn't know of there existence if it weren't for TV (movies), so thank you TLC, HBO, & whatever CO. made Twilight...

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