Monday, April 6, 2009

Saving Money....

So today I went to walmart because my husband forgot to go on the way home to get our free redbox moving, but it worked ot better this, on the way to we checked the mail and i got some coupons i ordered, like 10-35 cents off duncan hines cake mix. I should have taken a picture of the walmart run but didn't, sorry. I'll give ya the short list.
We bought 79 items and the total came up to $80.07 (2.77 was tax)
Used $32.12 in coupons
That's just a hair under a dollar per item, super! I bought a whole bag full of dog treats plus canned dog food for max. Didn't really buy much meal type food, just some odds and ends i needed to complete my week and of course 10 boxes of cake mix, 2 bottles of snuggle, 12 packets of lemonaide, I'd have to say there was less than 10 items that i didn't have a coupon for. I always have coupons expiring every week so i go through them, i sort them into 3 stacks: will use, maybe use, won't use. I bring the will and maybe ones but keep them seperate, if the deal is good then i'll buy the "maybe" item, otherwise it goes to trash or i might leave it on top of the product i passed on. I bought 4 packs of begging treats with bogo coupons, that means less than $5 total.
  • Also, getting milk for $1.99 gal at CVS tomorrow (got a man. coupon)
  • We got Bedtime Stories at the redbox today (free)
  • Will go back to wally to get a couple items, (waiting on coupons, like 8 cent salad dressing)
  • Dinner tonight is completely from stock
  • Got "The Duggars" book from the library today in the mail(free of course)
  • Bought 100 Forever Stamps today, before the $ goes up!

well that's pretty much it i guess, i hear my timer going off so better get dinner finished up...

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