Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm feeling in an especially good mood today. I think my test went well (will find out later) & I got some more good deals at CVS & Walgreens. Not to mention I got my coupons i ordered in the mail today, a magazine, & a Free Folding Tote bag from the Neilson co. (my homescan people) the bag is even lined with that silver water resistant stuff, unlike most totes.
  • Vodka Drinkers in the House? Go here for a mail in rebate up to $20!!!!!!!!! (some states excluded, good until end of year, 2 rebates per house)
  • Some Kmarts are doubling again next week, mine is up to .75, don't think i'll be going.
  • Like Hummus? I'm only had the Sabra brand paired with Stacy's Parm. Pita Chips, get a Sabra coupon here (that would be about half off at Walmart).
  • Try RiceWorks rice chip thingys, they are so good, at least the Sweet Chili flavor, get a coupon here (i have BOGO's so i'll be stocking up on these).
  • Like the premium mac'n'cheese? Like Velveeta? Get a coupon here
  • Don't forget to grab a Sunday paper on 5/03, there will be 3 inserts, see preview here
  • Heads up COKE lovers, next week CVS will have an awesome deal, spend $20 get $10 ECB back. I don't drink soda regularly but I will take advantage of this deal and keep some in stock for spur of the moments & guests. Check ad here (may vary per area, like my store sometomes has 8 pks instead of 12)

Later i'll upload my shopping excursions, going to cook an early dinner now, Beef w/ Broccoli and rice. Tomorrow? Going to get my books and do somemore deal shopping....


  1. I just read an update on the Kmart doubles and I guess there was an error and they are doubling up to $2 not .75 the link is here: