Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Living Dead in Dallas....

Season 2 Photo Sookie & Bill

So I'm a mere 11 pages from finishing the book, the 2nd in the Stackhouse seires by Harris. I have to say from the moment i saw Eric in Fangtasia he caught my eye. Like he was supposed to do super hot "glamoring" vampy! And like twilight, i haven't read much into the seires but i have gotten tidbit hints of what may come. And honestly "Eric" is only becoming more intoxicating and capturing. Although, i must admit Alex, the swed that plays him on True Blood, his eyes lock mine upon him and yes i wish Sookie would move out of the way so i could get in. lol Thank you Mr. casting guy for picking such a great guy for Eric. But all in all, i think Bill & Sookie should be soulmates. I'll take Eric .....(coming back to reality.....) I'm addicted to this sieres and can't wait to read #3, and what makes this better than twilight?

1. there are more books in the seires and dude Miss Harris is still writing
2. Once june arrives i'll have 12 nail bitting weeks of entertainment
3. This is not a teeny bopper book, it is a bit more graphic, like an adult's reality.
. The vampires have intergrated into society, no more vampy undergrounds, they are free (although trying to gain civil rights)

In May the 1st season will be released on DVD, I'm pretty sure i'll have to buy it since HBO won't put it on Demand.

If you wanna check out season 2, go to the bottom of my blog and play the video...

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